Products & SERVICES

At Labrys we deliver two types of services for our customers in the public and private sector:

• A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, where our clients take our software and manage their own global teams and programmes

• A Managed Service, where we use our software and unique global access to manage client requirements and programmes

SaaS Offering

Through access to our Axiom subscription, we provide our clients with the tools they need to dynamically manage individuals and teams of any type or size, in any environment, and at reach – through a secure single digital platform

Axiom C2, our flagship software product, combines geospatial data (GIS) with integrated task management software, encrypted communications, and digital (blockchain) payments in a secure cloud environment

This helps our clients to:

• Visualise their People & Networks Globally in Real-Time
• Understand at Scale
• Understand at Speed
• Minimise Cost
• Increase Security
• Facilitate Coordination

Managed Service

We offer a managed service through our integrated global research & programme delivery unit .

Utilising our own software and unique global access, we manage a variety of projects ranging from large scale NGO programme delivery, defence sector security assessments, to geopolitical risk analysis on behalf of corporate partners.