Build & Coordinate Your Global Community.

WHat we do

We help clients in the private and public sectors eliminate the frictions associated with remotely managing global networks of people and communities. To do this, we are building the world's first unified, secure and integrated platform for scaling team and programme management at reach

who are we

Labrys is a mission-focused technology startup headquartered in London

We are a team of veterans, humanitarians, software engineers, cloud infrastructure and blockchain specialists unified by a single mission: To help our clients in the public and private sector optimise how they can manage globally distributed networks of people and teams

Satelite and space station
Our planetPlanet Earth

FCA Innovation Pathway

Labrys is a member of the UK Financial Conduct Authority  (FCA) Innovation Pathways programme. The FCA Innovation Pathways programme helps firms with new business models to launch innovative products and services by understanding how financial regulation relates to their activities